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"The caringness and strength of the program. The results were better than expectations." -Lisette B.

"Relaxed atmosphere, Adrienne was very gentle, great personality, didn’t push the different exercises if it was painful." -Patty B.

"Casual but professional office that is very knowing." -Paul J.

"The Staff." -Cindy S.

"The learning and the great service/friendliness."
-Mary V.

What did you enjoy the most?

What is your overall impression of Life In Motion Physical & Hand Therapy?


"Very comfortable and professional. Love the entire staff. I was able to have more flexibility than I have had in years." -Roger L.

"Extremely professional and caring." -Shirley D.

"Very capable and courteous and professional. They manage time well for patients and are always very positive." -Lisette B.

"Professional, friendly and very creative in forms of therapy." -Patty B.

"Well-run and friendly work place. Down to earth and very good at therapy methods." -Paul J.

"Excellent!" Douglas H.

"Very professional and caring." Cindy S.

"Great!" -Dolores M.

"Friendly environment and caring staff." -Mary V.

"When I came to LIM I was scared about the loss of my range of motion and confused as to why I was feeling certain aches and pains. My therapist was very patient with me and answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns as he helped me improve my movement and taught me how to do so much at home to make it easier on me. I appreciated coming here every week. All of the support and the friendliness was amazing! Thank you!"  -Mary V.

"I would recommend Life in Motion to anyone looking for a physical therapy program that pushes you to improve your healing process. If you are consistent with the exercises they give you, you should have results that get you back to the place you were before the injury."  -Lisette B.

"I would recommend “Life in Motion” to anyone. The staff and therapists are very well trained and well versed in their field. I looked forward to every visit from the first day when I was afraid to move my hand to new and unique exercises. The staff made it an enjoyable experience. I will miss them!" -Patty B.

 "Carlos and his staff were excellent. Very encouraging and helpful. I had a full knee replacement and got off track and had to go back in the hospital, so I fell behind in my PT. Carlos brought me along and I made a full recovery with his help. Thank You!"  -Douglas H.

"I felt that I was able to progress and gain good range of motion. I greatly appreciated the explanations and helpfulness of my sessions." -Shirley D.